Corporate Profile

To ensure all business undertakings are dealt with effectively and efficiently, ARLA has key Divisions, each assigned a specific responsibility within the organisation :

  • Policy and Enactment Division
    To work closely with members, and international government agencies to examine policies and procedures, and if necessary, make changes to the relevant laws, Regulations and practices.
  • Enforcement Division
    The management and handling of all affairs relating to compliance and enforcement.
  • Regional Division
    To deal with specific regional difficulties encountered by our members and their Agencies,
  • Registration Division
    To oversee the administration of all matters pertaining to the registration of members, including key information contained in official records of registered businesses within their home countries Agencies.
  • Presidents Committee
    The Presidents' Committee consists of the appointed Chairperson of each member countries regulatory body, who meet quarterly. Their purpose is to guide and influence constitutional aspects of the Authority in accordance with member businesses, government rules, regulations and laws.
  • Executive Committee
    There are monthly meetings of the Executive Committee, consisting of the heads of each Division of the ARLA. Their sole purpose is to make decisions effecting, the day to day running of the Authority, ensuring the compliance of individual businesses, with regard to their home Governments rules, regulations and laws, whilst adhering to the code of conduct, standards and practices set out by the Authority and its members.

Mission Statement

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