International Investment Arbitrations and Mediation

The practice of arbitration and mediation is guided under specific international standards of ethical conduct to achieve dispute resolution for all parties. As a company, ARLA are not involved in the mediation of any dispute themselves, using all their experience and knowledge and after careful review of the facts they pass on their professional opinion to all concerned. It is at this point that impartial mediators guided by the, afore mentioned standards and codes of conduct take the lead to find the best resolution for all.

Arbitration and mitigation of foreign investment disputes is a rapidly growing area of international dispute resolution. The number of international investors in recent years has grown at such a rate that it has led to the signature of over two thousand Bilateral Investment Treaties between foreign governments, in addition to a multitude of multilateral treaties and other forms of concession agreements. One of the key aspects of theses treaties is that disputes that have arisen can be resolved, before the international Centre for the settlement of investment disputes through the forum of mitigation and arbitration.

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